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News from the Center of Maritime History

The research group of the Centre of Maritime History carries out research projects funded by European, national and private projects. Its flagship is the project Seafaring Lives in Transition, Mediterranean Maritime Labour and Shipping, 1850s-1920s (SeaLiT), a European Research Council – Starting Grant 2016 with Dr Apostolos Delis as its Principal Investigator. The project SeaLiT is funded by the European Research Council for 60 months, is at its third year with the expected deadline at January 2022.

Currently, most of the team members have completed the collection of data and are in an advanced stage of insertion of data in customized databases (FastCat) created by the project’s partner Center of Cultural Informatics (CCI) of the Institute for Computer Sciences/FORTH. Furthermore, the CCI has created an advanced system of correction and enhancement of data (FastCatTeam) in order to proceed further to the mapping of data to the semantic schema.

Furthermore, in the following October the third SeaLiT Workshop will take place in Genoa, organized by the project’s partner NAVLAB of the University of Genoa. In the same month another workshop organized by the CCI with topic Semantic networks and History will take place in Heraklion, at FORTH premises and the PI of the project Apostolos Delis will participate with George Bruseker and Martin Doerr, coordinators of CCI.

Finally, one paper is already published in the context of this project, by Xavier Daumalin and Olivier Raveux, «La marine marchande marseillaise en transition énergétique (1831-1851). Origines et enjeux d’un choix socio-écosystémique», Cahiers de la Méditerranée, n° 97-décembre 2018, p. 223-239 and two more papers are submitted by Apostolos Delis, for two collective volumes, one entitled «L’introduction de la navigation à vapeur en Grèce au XIXe siècle», for the Les outils de l’activité portuaire, Fabien Bartolotti, Gilbert Buti , Xavier Daumalin and Olivier Raveux (eds) and another entitled “The advent of steam navigation in Greece in the nineteenth century” for the Greek History Steaming ahead, Katerina Galani and Alexandra Papadopoulou (eds).

Source: IMHA July 2019, Newsletter