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A panel history by Dimitra-Chrysoula Kardakaris for the Project “We Can Do It! Women’s labour market participation in the maritime sector in the Upper Adriatic after the World Wars in an intersectional perspective” (acronym: WeCanIt; grant agreement no. 894257).

The mission of the website is twofold. On the one hand, its purpose is to communicate the research results of the “WeCanIt” project to the widest possible audience; on the other, it is to disseminate the above-mentioned analytical approach. In short, its primary goal is to present the multifaceted and multidimensional nature of women’s involvement in the North-eastern Adriatic maritime working and business activities in modern times. As in the North-eastern Adriatic region, maritime labour was women’s business too. Similarly, maritime industry not only involved the big shipping companies based in port cities, but it was also what we could term “provincial maritime capitalism” – where women took the lion’s share – and, last but not least, it encompassed all the working and business activities connected with fisheries in the riparian communities of the region. 

Source: We Can Do It! - WeCanIt

Project Manager, Dr Erica Mezzoli, University of Ljubljana

In the section 3, Offshore Women. Capitalism, Labour and Shipping, you can find the history panel. 

Marigo Kulukundis: un “invisibile” capitano d’industria - WeCanIt