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First Conference of the Black Sea Project
The aim of the conference is to present the first results of the research in the project and to present papers related to its themes. The project seeks the identification, analysis and synthesis of the eco-nomic and social develοpment of 20 port-cities of the Black Sea that formed an integrated market that became the larger grain-exporting area in the world in the nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century. By placing in the centre of the analysis the sea and its ports, the analysis penetrates in the economic activities of the port-cities, the coastal area and the hinterland, the integration of markets and their interlinkages with the global economy, beyond political boundaries and divisions. The linkages with the global economy triggered development and convergence of regional markets. Papers are related to the subject of the project along the following six axes: The Black Sea as a unit of research. Marine environment and six port systems Six maritime regions. Economic and social development of twenty port-cities. The form of the cities. City-planning and architecture Macro-analysis. Formation of macro-economic statistical series. Comparison with world economy. Micro-analysis. Entrepreneurial elites and major Greek business families Linkages with the Mediterranean and the Atlantic The Organising Committee Dr Evrydiki Sifneos (coordinator of the research of the northern Black Sea coast, National Research Foundation) Professor Gelina Harlaftis (project coordinator, Ionian University) Sofronis Paradeisopoulos (Hellenic Foundation for Culture – Odessa Branch) Lilya Bilousova, (State Archive of Odessa Region) Secretariat Dr Alexandra Papadopoulou (Researcher, Ionian University) Maria Konstantinidi (Researcher, Ionian University)
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