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A large number of Greek and non-Greek books have been published about the maritime and economic history of the Ionian Islands and of the island of Kefalonia, as well. Here, we have chosen to present some of the most important monographs and articles in edited volumes and journals dealing with the maritime history of the Ionian Islands, during the period from early 18th to late 20st century.


1) Andreadis, Andreas, On the Governance and Economic Management of the Seven Islands during the Venetian rule, Volume I, Athens 1914 (in Greek).

2) Andreadis, Andreas, On the Governance and Economic Management of the Seven Islands during the Venetian rule, Volume II, Athens 1914 (in Greek).

3) Anogiatis – Pelé, D., Prontzas, Ε., Corfu 1830-1832. Between feudalism and colonialism, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 2002 (in Greek).

4) Arvanitakis, Dimitris D., Social conflicts in the town of Zakinthos. The revolution of “popolari” (1628), Ε.L.Ι.Α – Benaki Museum, Athens 2001 (in Greek).

5) Asonitis, Spiros N., Corfu during the Anjou occupation, 13th – 14th century, A’postrofos, Corfu 1999 (in Greek).

6) Chiotis, Panayiotis, Series of historical memoirs, Vo. III, Ek tis Tipografias tis Kiverniseos, Corfu 1863 (in Greek).

7) Fokas, Spyridon G., Greeks in the river shipping of the Lower Danube, Idryma Meleton Chersonisou tou Emou, Thessaloniki 1975 (in Greek).

8) Harlaftis, Gelina, A History of Greek-Owned Shipping 19th – 20th century, Nefeli Editions, Athens 2001 (in Greek and English).

9) Harlaftis, Gelina, with Vlassopoulos Nikos, Pontoporeia, Historical Registry Books of Greek cargo sailing ships and steamships, 1830-1939, E.L.I.A./Niarchos Foundation, Athens 2002 (in Greek).

10) Harlaftis, Gelina, with Beneki, Helen, and Haritatos, Manos (eds.), Ploto, Greek shipowners from the late 18th century to the eve of WWII, E.L.I.A./Niarchos Foundation, Athens 2003 (in Greek and English).

11) Harlaftis, Gelina, and Papakonstantinou, Katerina (eds.), The rise of shipping of Greeks in the 18th century Mediterranean (forthcoming) (in Greek).

12) Idromenos, Andreas Μ., Political history of the Seven Islands during the British protection, Corfu 1935.

13) Kapetanakis, Panayiotis S., ‘The deep-sea going merchant fleet of the Seven Islands during the time of British conquest and protection and the Cephalonian prominence (1809/15-1864). Fleet and ports, cargoes and sea-routes, maritime centres and seamen, entrepreneurship and networks, society and shipowning elites,’ Ph.D. thesis, Dpt of History, Ionian University, Corfu 2010 typescript. ( d/handle/10442/18428) (in Greek).

14) Kapetanakis, Panayiotis S., “The maritime centre of Cephalonia in the era of the British protection: terms of development and supremacy,” Proceedings of the IX International Panionion Conference (Paxos Island, 26-30 May 2010), Eteria Paxinon Meleton (forthcoming) (in Greek).

15) Kardasis, Vasilis Α., Hellenism in the Black Sea: Odessa, Taganrog, Rostov, Marioupolis, TA NEA Editions, Athens 2009 (in Greek).

16) Katsiardi-Hering, Olga, «Austrian policy and Greek Shipping (1750- ca. 1800)», Parousia, Vol. X, 1987, p. 445-537 (in Greek).

17) Krantonelli, Alexandra, Greek piracy and pillage from 18th century until the Greek Revolution, Vivliopolion tis Estias, Athens 1998 (in Greek).

18) Kremidas, Vasilis, Greek Shipping 1776-1835, Vol. 1: Aspects of Mediterranean Shipping, Istoriko Arxio Emporikis Trapezis tis Ellados, Athens 1985 (in Greek).

19) Leontaritis, Georgios, Greek Merchant Shipping, Ε.Μ.Ν.Ε. – Mnimon, Athens 1996 (in Greek).

20) Lountzis, Ermannos, Seven Islands’ Republic, Corfu 1968 (in Greek).

21) Maximos, Serafim, The Greek Merchant Marine during the XVIII century, Stochastis Editions, Athens 1976 (in Greek).

22) Metaxas, Nikolas Β., Mariners of Cephalonia and Ithaca. Biographical notes for 600 mariners (1850-1970), Eteria Meletis Ellinikis Istorias, Athens 2002 (in Greek).

23) Moschopoulos, Georgios Ν., and Zapanti St., Cephalonian Sanita. Free pratique licenses 1846-1864, Vol. Α΄ & Β΄, ΓΑΚ – Archia Nomou Kefallinias, Argostoli 1997 (in Greek).

24) Pagratis, Gerasimos D., «Sea trade in Venetian ruled Corfu (1496-1538)», Ph.D. thesis, Dpt of History, Ionian University, Corfu 2001 (in Greek).

25) Theotokas, Ioannis and Harlaftis, Gelina, Greek Shipping Companies, 1945 – 2000. Organization, administration, strategies, Ε.L.Ι.Α./Niarchos Foundation, Athens 2004 (in Greek).

26) Theotokas, Ioannis and Harlaftis, Gelina, Greek shipowners and shipping businesses. Organization, management and strategy, Alexandria Editions, Athens 2007 (in Greek).

27) Venieris, Dimitrios, Situation in the Seven Islands, Trieste 1804 (in Greek).

28) Visvizi-Donta, Domna, Eastern Mediterranean: Politics and Economic Importance of a Sea (1815-1914), Ant. N. Saccula Editions, Athens-Komotini 2005 (in Greek).

29) Vlassopoulos, Nikos St., The Ionian Islands’ Merchant Shipping (1700-1864), Vol. A & B, Elliniki Euroekdotiki, Athens 1995 (in Greek).

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